1. Exaggerate
I’m noisier than an explosion.

2. Be hostile
Sorry! I’m not willing to be quite!

3. Spin some insane nonsense
My noise will break you down!

4. Invent something fantastic
Once upon a time……

5. See it from a child’s point of view

Why this? Why that? Why Mama? Why Papa?Why?

6. Use comparisons
Constance is quiet. Sorry, but i’m not.

7. Bring out a confrict
Better talk loud in library.

8. Use similes
Annoying as a bee.

9. Shock people
Not keeping quiet otherwise will DIE.

10. Question the truth
I’m Quiet 🙂

11. Involve the target audience

12. Attack authority
I’m the noisiest in the world.

13. Supercharge reality
There’s actually nothing called quite in the world.

14. Take a comic perspective.
I’m Miss. Noisy.

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– Noisy Me


– Never got the end of conversation

– Hello-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!

– Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

– Be quiet!

– Shut up.

– Roar.

Tag line of myself:



I’m always the one who being noisy and annoying in the class.

especially in front of my friends.

They always compline i’m being too noisy.


Be hostile:


What?be quite?”


– to retort


– not going to do or act like what people asked for. (girl in the picture covering her ears)


– Be rude! 🙂

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Creative approaches

1. Before and After

panadol 必理痛傷風感冒熱飲

showing the clear difference of the girl with illness before and after taking the hot drink.

2. FUDing

Are you obsessed with the right things?

Ads that ask women to refocus their bodily obsessions.

Instead of worrying or thinking too much about their pimples, hair style and booties, they should be doing regular breast checks.

3. Wit

Fixed before it gets nasty

as the break down of a computer will drive people crazy

the ads use a part of the cuss to bring the msg-Fixed before it gets nasty

to find Geek Squad for various computer-related services then you can prevent to say those cuss

4.Knock the competitor


a satire of their competitor-cool

which selling the bottled water of Watson is boiled but the competitor not

5. Provocation

anti-tobacco campaign

With a slogan that reads “smoking is the worst submission”

showing a young teenager holding a cigarette in his mouth, their heads covered by the two hands of an adult and at the level of this adult’s genitals.

The allusion to forced oral sex is obvious. But can we put sexual abuses and tobacco dependency on the same level to illustrate submission?

to generate awareness that smoking is not freeing oneself from authority, but on the contrary is a sign of submission and naivety

6. Intrigue

using a love story of two geckos to promote their product- flexy board

7. Gimmicks

Don’t kill blockbusters. Choose original DVDs over pirated ones. Big flix

showing the dead character of the famous movie under a pirated DVD.

a clear msg bring to the ordience- if you choose to buy pirated DVDs, you are like killing the characters in the blockbusters.

the approach of my Hot Can video


pressing the can->different people in different location with hotcan->hotcan gets hot (drop onto the floor)

use the changing of background to represent anytime, anywhere

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it used the way of story telling.
it’s cute and warm, like reminding the childhood of yourself too!
kids nowadays are too well being
they have nearly forgot how to gain the happiness  from something simple. sad.

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元氣 滿足感碟碟有嚟 2010

it’s interesting to use two handsome boys to represent the attractive sushi

give audience a fresh feeling.

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noisy me.

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